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When I started Maxfit (CrossFit) 4 years ago, I thought I was too old. I never thought I could accomplish running 5Ks, do challenges or a SPARTAN. I have lost pounds and sizes, but I have gained confidence, lifelong friends that are now family, and have proven to myself, that with determination and hard work I can do things that seem impossible. Fitness is more fun with friends.

I started my workout journey back in 2017 with much different intentions than most. I wanted to better myself physically and mentally. I had been an athlete in high school and worked hard to stay in shape with running, but that was all I knew. I was looking for more motivation and was invited by Amber Smith Clark to give it a try, so I did. Little did I know that summer would be the start of a new circle of friends that I now call family. Yes, I am one of the crazy "5 amers" but that is "my time" for myself which leaves me to be mom, coach, wife, and teacher in the afternoons. I love the drive it gives me not only to become a stronger in the gym but in life as well. Sometimes we are faced with obstacles that looks as if they are too tough to handle, however very similar to our workouts, the more you practice the easier it becomes and you gain a "family" that will not let you do it alone.

Most of y’all already know my story… I started CrossFit back in September of 2019 because my best friend, Jennifer Herlovich would. not. leave. me. alone. about. trying. it. “You will love it,” she said, “You have such an athletic build & background.” Jenn kept on & on & on and FINALLY when Kensey Davis ran a special on a challenge, I signed up for CrossFit as one of Jennifer’s referrals. I started in the CrossFit Lite class for about two months before trying out the regular Crossfit class…then moved to virtual CrossFit during the pandemic…gave Bootycamp a go for most of last year, and I’m currently back to the regular Maxfit class…with Brett Davis’ 4:45 WARRIORS!! I’ve slowly lost pounds & inches throughout the years…but most of all, I’m healthier, stronger, & more confident. I’m learning how to do things I never thought I’d be able to do like deadlift 205 pounds & climb a rope!!! I always a good challenge & look forward to seeing my 4:45 crew everyday!!

Never say never…. That is me in May of 2021 on the left. The year before my back went out, I was told I was insulin resistant, and I had no energy. Knowing I needed to do something and getting started were two different things. In April 2021, I joined a plateau buster class at @maxfitfitzgerald to learn how to count macros. August 2021 I was asked byTrisha Griffinto join the back to school 8 week challenge and I’ve never looked back. I’ve lost weight, lost over 15 inches, and gained a great support system. 5am class is where it’s at. It just takes a decision to get started.#marchmadnesschallenge

My story at max fit at the refinery!! Mrs V text me one day and said my gym is starting a new challenge you should come and join. I started September 1, 2019 best decision ever. When I first started my heaviest weight was 8 lbs dumbbell, could not jump rope, could not do a burpee.. Bad eating habits, Drinking beer everyday and Coke Zero..Our coaches are amazing..

I initially started to lose weight, which I’ve done. So here’s why I stay. I stay because this community supports me, challenges me, holds me accountable, encourages me, and we have fun together!! I love my MaxFit family!!

WTG Ashley!! 43 pounds gone!!

6 weeks total. 8.2 pounds gone!!

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