Big Booty Bootcamp!!

Good morning everyone!!
Up early preparing for the next cohort of Big Booty BootCamp!!
We had 17 in our first cohort. Our second cohort will have 31!!
Where will we put them all?
Also today, we will be starting our 7th cohort of Plateau Busters!!
This cohort will make 73 people who have went through Plateau Busters and so many of them have made amazing progress. It has been the missing link for so many. I'm proud of the work they have put in.
I could barely sleep last night!!
Plateau Busters is an intermittent fasting group that focuses on whole food nutrition with plenty of support and accountability.
Is it too late to get in on cohort number 7? You can still squeeze in by the skin of your teeth!! Today is day 1, so you won't have missed anything!!
But even if you decide not to join us, I've already given the two main things you need to do to jump start your weight loss process: intermittent fasting and whole foods.
So, let to day be the day that you start!!
Either with us or try it on your own, the only way that you lose is if you quit!!
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