Fitness Secret #1 😎

Fitness Secret #1 😎
Track your food intake.
Sounds, simple, right? Yet, this is the easiest way to start making progress.
Famous management guru, Peter Drucker, said, "What's gets measured, gets improved."
So, simply tracking your food will AUTOMATICALLY cause you to reform your eating habits, without any exertion of will-power or feelings of deprival on your part!!
Also, it puts a tiny, little pause in-between your urge to eat and the actual food going in your mouth.
This little pause is sometimes all you need to make a better food choice.
It's like counting to 10 before you say something...sometimes, you decide not to say what you WERE GOING to say.
When you track your food, you sometimes decide that what you ARE ABOUT TO EAT... is not in line with your fitness goals....and you make a different choice.
Sometimes you decide that you will go ahead and have that thing that you were wanting...sometimes not.
We want to move all our clients toward MINDFUL EATING and away from MINDLESS EATING. 🤔
The easiest way to do this is to track your food.
There are two primary ways that people do this:
✔ with an app
✔ on paper
Doesn't really matter, although I love apps and always choose the app!! 😍
Trust me, tracking your food will transform your eating habits overnight!!
Start with your next meal😎
❌ Don't wait 'till Monday!! 🤷‍♀️
❌ There is no Monday!! There is only now.
So, go forth and TRACK!!
PS. Most of our clients use MyFitnessPal to track their food. I use it as well. Some of our clients who have had bariatric surgery use an app specifically for that. There are others. MyFitnessPal has a free version. The paid version is not worth the $20 cost imo.
PPS. Here's the link to MyFitnessPal. There is also an app. Search your app store. I use the phone app exclusively.
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