Frequently Asked Questions


Can I still drink alcohol during this program? I suggest you avoid alcohol as your body will prioritize metabolizing alcohol over any other process (such as fat burning) for up to 24 hours. It it's a treat you really need, limit it to one serving per week.

Do I have to follow a strict meal plan? No!! I teach you to eat quality protein, fats, and carbs until you are just full and no more. Over time, you will crowd out the highly processed, unhealthy foods.

Do I need to join a gym? All my workouts can be done in a gym or at home with minimal equipment. 

Do I need to purchase any shakes or supplements? No. Protein shakes are a good source of protein in a pinch, but they should not be your main source of protein. Other workout supplements are fine and certainly help some people. If you want to try some high quality supplements at an affordable price, call, email, or just hit the chat button to message me and I will give you my wholesale link and discount code. I'll tell you what I take and you can make your own decisions.

I have an injury that prevents me from working out. Can I still benefit? Follow your doctors orders in all things. The nutritional information will help you make the dietary changes you need. 

I have more that 40 pounds of weight to lose. Is this program for me? Absolutely!! I have helped individuals lose 80 pounds and more with these principals. 

I like to run and be outdoors. Will I have enough energy to do my fun activities? Of course, this is not a calorie restriction program. 

I have a crazy work schedule. Can I still do this program? You can do the workouts anywhere at any time. 

I am lactose intolerant. Can I still do your program? Dairy products are a good source of nutrients, but if they don't agree with you, you shouldn't consume them. 

I'm going on vacation. Should I wait to start until I get back?You can do this program on vacation or anywhere. You will learn skills that will help you on vacation and off. 

I'm making a grocery list. What can I eat? What can't I eat? No food is off limits. I will teach you what foods you need to eat more of, what foods you need to eat less of, and what foods you can enjoy from time to time. 

Is this program suitable for vegans and vegetarians? I will show you some good sources of plant-based proteins so that you can get all the protein you need. 

Do I have to log and track my food? It depends on which program you choose to participate in. 

Do I have to make separate meals for myself from what my family eats? No. You should not do that. You can eat delicious, healthy, whole-food meal with your family.

How will I receive my product?
You will install the ProCoach app! The magic happens inside the app!

What kind of technology do I need?
Any phone or computer with internet access will do.

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