How do you break sugar and salt habits without going cold turkey?

Question of the day: (I received this question over social media.)

How do you break sugar and salt habits without going cold turkey? Just cut back slowly or any better substitutes? Also what about Splenda and salt substitutes?

My answer:
Hey ***** *****. In reverse order, we like Stevia better than Splenda. There is some negative research around long-term Splenda use. Regarding salt, we like Himalayan Sea Salt. The granules are larger and it has a more intense flavor, so you can get by with less. However, the bulk the sodium intake, for most people, is processed food and fast food. So, what I would suggest is eat at home as much as possible. Read nutrition labels and look at the sodium content, choose items with les sodium of course. When at home, don't use salt while cooking. Salt food after it's cooked. But taste it first. Your taste buds can adapt over time.
And to your first question, taper off the salt and sugar. Aim for progress over perfection. It's the rare bird that can quit something cold turkey. Most people stand strong on willpower for a little while, but then cave and binge and often give up because they are disappointed in themselves. The power of 1% is strong my friend!!
Oh, and with sugar, you can expect some negative side affects from reducing your sugar: headaches, sugar cravings, moodiness, "hangriness" LOL These are normal withdrawal symptoms and will pass as your body adjusts!!
Hope this helps!!
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