How to cut calories without feeling deprived!! (Tip#1)

I'm starting a series on how to cut calories without feeling deprived!!

That feeling of deprivation is often what causes people to fail. 

So, the tip of the day is this:

Focus on the presentation of the plate. Turn your meal into a luxurious experience!! My buddy Shannon has been trying to tell me this for a while. My client, Kim, is a pro at this. Maybe they will post some pictures on my Facebook page.

Why does presentation matter?

The firs thing I coach clients on is "Slow Down for Satisfaction!"

Rushing through a meal causes you to eat more, which leads to weight gain, or at least prevents weight loss.

But if you slow down, chew your food thoroughly, and enjoy your meal, you will actually eat less.

There is a time lag between your stomach and your brain. Your stomach will actually be full about 15 minutes before that information is communicated to your brain. 

What we have to do, is give our brains time to realize that we are no longer hungry. Slowing down our eating speed allows our brain to catch up with our stomachs, and we will naturally eat less.

Food presentation on the plate can increase your enjoyment of your mealtime experience. 

You will be more likely to slow your eating pace if you have taken time to present your plate in an attractive way, rather than slopping your food on the plate and going at it like a hog at a trough!! LOL

Feedback and comments are appreciated!! Anybody else like to prepare their plate in an attractive way?

Pics are appreciated!!

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