CrossFit can save your life!!

For those of you who like data...

Here is a research study from the Mayo Clinic.

In a nutshell, they looked for people who had a stress test in 2019 BC (Before Corona LOL) AND also had the 'Rona in 2020.

Their findings? Those who did the best on the stress test, were the LEAST likely to be hospitalized from CoronaVirus.

And the reverse is also true. Those who did the worst on the stress test were the MOST likely to be hospitalized from the 'Rona.

My conclusion: While masks and vaccines may help prevent CoronaVirus infection, fitness programs that work to increase cardio-vascular efficiency through exercise and nutrition, such as ours, will help you stay out of the hospital, if and when you do become infected. 

Check out the article for yourself!!

Inverse Relationship of Maximal Exercise Capacity to Hospitalization Secondary to Coronavirus Disease 2019


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