The downside of miracle drugs

Anybody seen the ad for the weight loss drug Ozempic?
A number of celebs are backing Ozempic and Wegovy, which recently got approved by the FDA.
Sounds good!
What's the problem?
These drugs can cause many to lose considerable lean body mass, not just fat.
Why is this bad?
Lean body mass supports weight loss by utilizing a big percentage of daily calories; prevents diabetes by controlling insulin; and keeps bones healthy, shielding from injury.
In short, Ozempic/Wegovy may aid with weight loss, yet many will suffer decline in lean body mass.
It's often assumed the drugs are right for those aiming to shed 20-40 lbs, yet they ought to be used only by those with more substantial weight problems.
This is why, here at MaxFit at the Refinery , we emphasize body composition, i.e. more lean body mass and less fat mass, instead of simply checking the scale.
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