Meet the Coach

Hi!!  I'm Coach Rich!!

I have been using CrossFit as a fitness platform for my own weight loss journey since 2014.

In 2018, I became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and  Precision Nutrition Level 1 nutrition coach. I have also passed:

  • Dumbbells Certificate
  • Judges Course 2019 English Certificate
  • Programming Certificate
  • Running Certificate
  • Scaling Certificate
  • Spot The Flaw Certificate

How did I get into coaching fitness?

 I started with CrossFit and nutrition because I was overweight myself, by more than 50 pounds. I found CrossFit to be an effective solution for my weight problem, especially when combined with dietary interventions. 

When I got my coaching certificate, Coach Kensey, the gym owner, asked me to cover some classes for her when she couldn't make it.

That was a lot of fun, but I realized that there were a lot of people who were afraid of CrossFit. They felt that it was too big of a leap.

So, my next step was a specialty class called CrossFit Lite to offer an entry point for the formerly non-athletic.

Then we realized that clients would not get the results they wanted unless they modified their diet.

So we started an nutrition program called Plateau Busters, and paired it with high quality supplements from Prestige Labs.

Then we started to see some amazing results!!

But this all started with my personal quest to lose 50 pounds, which I did, but am still working to lose a little more.

I would love to be back to 185 which is what I was in high school. 10 more to go!

When I am not coaching nutrition and fitness, I have also taught students with special needs at the elementary and middle school level. I have done this for the last 17 years. 

I have a Masters Degree in Special Education as well as a Education Specialists in Early Childhood.

What is your favorite coaching moment/moments of your career?

My favorite moment is when my athletes achieve a personal goal or milestone. It thrills me more than my own achievements. Their first rope climb is a big deal; their first double-unders; their first time meal prepping; their first ten pounds lost.  These achievements are very meaningful to me as well as to them. I get joy from their excitement!!

What prompted you to begin your weight loss journey?

I began my weight loss journey for two reasons. One was appearance and the other was medical.

I can remember napping on the couch one day my son's friends came over. I woke up, but I didn't open my eyes and they thought I was still asleep. I heard one of them make a comment about my gut. That stung a little. I never took my shirt off at the beach. I always said I didn't want to get sun-burned. But, in reality, I didn't want people to see how out of shape I was.

Then one visit at the doctor, they started talking about "fatty liver" and what my medical future was like. They referred me to a liver specialist who told me that I may need a liver transplant one day because of the problems my fatty liver would cause. They didn't advise me to lose weight, they just discussed the medications and procedures I would need. They made me take an ultrasound of my liver. 

I was too young for that. I decided right then that I would get the weight off.

How would you best describe your coaching style?

I was once obese and out of shape, so I definitely have a heart for those on the struggle bus!! So, I find ways to modify the movements for the newbie so they can get a good workout and yet still participate in the electric group atmosphere that we have. 

It's a fine line to know when to push someone out of their comfort zone and yet not so much that they risk injury. I tend to err on the side of caution. Most people are just looking to drop a few pound and sweat some. If they want to learn some more advanced skills, I can help them with that, but I tend to gravitate toward the ones who need the most help. 

On the nutrition side of things, I tend to point out the positives and ask clients to do more of those things instead of always pointing out the negatives. People usually respond better to that.

 What are the values of your program?

 I believe that consistency in small things can lead to big rewards and big changes.

I believe in power of 1%. A 1% change over time can be huge.

I also believe that some people want to lose weight; some want to gain muscle; but everyone wants to see their abs and look good in a bathig suit!!










These are all me at different stages of my weight loss journey!! From 250 - 195!! Ten more pounds and I will be satisfied!!

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