How to Get Fit and Have Fun

Step 1: : Create a Profile.
Once you decide on a plan, it's on! It takes just a few minutes to sign up and fill out your profile. After you do this step, we'll start working to customize your plan.

Step 2: Get paired with a coach.
Meet your new best friend! Every Coach just like you, so along with their credentials, they are deeply familiar with the process and know how to coach you through tough times.

Step 3: Get your custom plan.
Your coach will go over your custom plan with you in a phone or zoom call.

Step 4: Track your progress.
Our app gives you a detailed view of your progress, and you'll use it to message with your Coach.

Step 5: Multiple check-ins per week.
One check-in isn't enough. That's why your Coach checks in with you multiple times a week. You'll discuss strategies for events you have coming up, and nip any bad thoughts, feelings (or missed workouts) in the bud before a full week goes by.

Bonus: Free Workouts with the Premium Plan and only $17 when purchased alone:
Your nutrition is our first priority. But we also know you want a nice, firm butt and killer abs. Our Coaches have created workouts for years and fine tuned the best ones -- and you get them Free with the premium plan!!


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