Testimonials and Progress

hey mr rich!! i hope everything is going well... just wanted to let you know i started classes at crossfit liberate this week... i know it’s taken me a while to get started bc of classes and just being busy but i’m so happy i’ve started back! i really like the gym and the environment... and my eating habits have been much better than they were last year while i was at school! just wanted to thank you again for helping me this summer!!

I would have never, NEVER, thought I would come to the point that 1) I would exercise daily 2) that I would exercise first thing in the morning 3) that I would actually look forward to it and wake up most days without my alarm clock and 4)that I would consistently track my food which is what keeps me on track. Thank you for helping me get started in February!

Went for the first time today! I think im really going to enjoy this. I been knowing Rich for a lil while now and he is a great guy and from what i seen on my first day he seems to be a great coach!

He is a wonderful coach with a genuine and positive attitude. He is always willing to take the time to show you how to properly do the workouts. He helps motivate and encourages you to do better. Highly recommend!!!


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