MaxFit Lite - Holds you accountable in a small group, workouts you can do, gets the weight off.

MaxFit Lite - Holds you accountable in a small group, workouts you can do, gets the weight off.

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 (includes group fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and a heart rate monitor)

Are you new to high-intensity training? Do you like the idea of it, but you’re not sure about all of the heavy lifting? Our CrossFit Lite class is for you! This class bridges the gap between couch-potato life and regular CrossFit classes. We’ll focus more on technique, conditioning, and weight loss/general fitness and less on heavy weights. Barbell will not be used.

Our Lite program uses constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements at an intensity that is right for you, so that you can achieve amazing results. How is it different from CrossFit? Pulse classes are a little slower paced with a focus on metabolic conditioning using scaled down weights and body weight movements. Expect a sweaty and fun workout – just a little lighter!

In addition:

1. Real time heart rate tracking during class! This can be viewed on your phone or on the TV screens!

2. View heart rate, effort and calories burned in real time!

3. View other's efforts during class to stay motivated and competitive!

4. Set more personalized fitness goals with this extra tool to keep you accountable. 

5. Receive immediate workout summaries via email. 

6. Track your heart during workouts outside of the gym as well. 

So, here's what you get for your money. 

Four in person group workouts per week, heart rate monitor, AND nutrition coaching to get your maximum results!!

Can be done virtually or in-person.  

1:1 personal training available on an as-needed basis. Extra fees may apply.

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